"La madera crece, la veladura asoma.

El hierro muere, el óxido aparece.

Todo se rinde a un mundo de texto visual,

armonía de forma y enlace material.


Todo perdura, todo embellece."


                                                   Inés N. Monfil

Secrets?, lies!!!. (39 x 17 cm.)

Pensar fuera de la caja  (66 x 56.5 cm.)

"Pensar fuera de la caja".


All the material used is recycled without exception.

We find a work where the elements rotate each other generating a circular

motion on a support of letters and symbols.


Pensar fuera de la caja  (66 x 56.5 cm.)

Clear on light (25 x 20 x 40 cm.)

Aliento de significado (72 x 35 cm.)

Si encuentras alguna (22 x 19 cm.)

"Si encuentras alguna".


All the material of this work is recycled without exception.

Two pieces intertwined in their intention to find the desired object. The fluidity in the tonality and texture helps the poetic reading, marred by a hurtful accent due to the contrast in the material chosen.


Visual poetry created from disused material.

Si encuentras alguna (22 x 19 cm.)

The misery of an unreal thought (42 x 53 cm.)

"The misery of an unreal thought"

Decay papers where you find the words which are rotating circle elements around them.


All material are coming from recycled objects.

The misery of an unreal thought (42 x 53 cm.)

¨Dulce Cripta Verbal".


The work is made with disused material.

Words are

Words are placed with the help of assembled elements, circles and metal lines, tangled with ribbons that further limit reading in a subtle and detailed work.


Dulce Cripta Verbal (60x 110cm.)

POCKET ART   (10 X 14 CM.)

¿Quién es culpable? (10 x 14 cm.)

Beauty decay (10 x 14 cm.)

Small collection of work whose common note is found in the small dimensions of the frame.


In each of them a story is told thanks to the poetic language that transmits the composition of its elements.


Visual poetry.

No wings, no love  (10 x 14 cm.)

"No wings, no love".


It is worth mentioning this piece where the broken glass marks the reading of the message.

The drama of flight loss manifests itself in the red color found in the texture of one of the elements. The weight is suspended in this line despite not reaching the center of the space.


All the material is recycled, the dragonfly wings are dead nature.

Todo él ( 10 x 14 cm.)

on my dream (10 x 14 cm.)

Confesión y realidad (96 x 96 cm.)

Urde el día (47 x 33 cm.)

"Urde el día".

The circles that focus the attention of the work frame a collage located on the back of an old frame. The reading of the text is done through them ruminantly, creating a dynamic back and forth that causes the tension that characterizes the piece.

Material recycled using the Upcycling technique.

Urde el día (47 x 33 cm.)

Tú - Yo (26 cm.)

"Tú  -  Yo".

Artistic composition of two illuminated pieces that are accompanied by a decorative one.

The technique of collage and up cycling are mixed in a work where the intervention is produced by  introducing a light bulb. The result shows a plot of textures and contrasts that helps increase the value of the material used.

All recycled!.

Tú - Yo (26 cm.)

Stain of the blues pain (139 x 26 cm.)

"Stain of the blues pain".

Work to be highlighted in the work of Assemblarte. The composition culminates after having interposed different phases in the handling of their materials.

It is a cluster of entangled circles covered with cloth whose central position demands special attention. An embellished world where there is room for confusion and transience within an order established by the lines that separate the different elements treated.

Everything remembers the coming and going of thoughts that become entangled with each other despite the beauty of their content.

Memories (24 x 85 cm.)

Desde mi Eco (58 x 78  cm.)


Another example in which we can see a transformation to obtain a luminous object for home, a lamp that builds a conceptual artistic composition.

A text covered with a decadent metallic frame is presented to express a cloudy feeling.  

Resilience (25 x 12 cm.)

Resilience (25 x 12 cm.)

Terca Numen (64x42 cm.)

Terca Numen (64x42 cm.)

Terca Numen (64x42 cm.)

"Terca Numen"

A couple of beautiful poetry pieces which are talking  in a hurtfully way through hidden and jailed words about love in a relationship.

Books made by an antique collection of samples.

All material in this work is recycled.

Terca Numen (64x42 cm.)

Terca Numen II (64x42 cm.)

"Terca Numen II"

With the same message as in the previous case, the work places the materials in a central core. The composition is created on a metal plot in which you can see a hidden text, giving to the piece a mysterious tone as well as hurtful.

"Terca Numen"


In both cases the circles are integrated within a poetic content that generates a dynamic of going and coming repetitive.

Terca Numen (64x42 cm.)

Terca Numen II (64x42 cm.)

"Lectura de una irrealidad"


Circles held by the line of a collage where broken words introduce an oscillating motion into the work.

 Lectura de una irrealidad. (98 x 86 cm.)

  Lectura de una irrealidad. (98 x 86 cm.)

"Entre tres"

A piece of light created from an assembly made of antique material. 
The absence of a frame contributes to the work being more neat despite the decadent material with which it has been created. 

Entre tres (98 x 56 cm.)

Entre tres (98 x 56 cm.)

Translúcida (104 x 71 cm.)



This is the second work where materials are taking the main sense avoiding to include the visual weight of the frame.

We can read a mixture of hidden feelings and the reaching of a point of  light.

Translúcida (104 x 71 cm.)

Translúcida (104 x 71 cm.)